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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Little Sparrows the Movie - Behind the Scenes

Marc Pinto did a cameo in this debut feature film by Yu-Hsiu Camille Chen about the unending love of a mother for her children and her wisdom to pass on. It is a story about secrets, loss, and the desire to love that we all share.

Here is an exclusive picture of Marc on the set of Little Sparrows...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hanya Tattoo by Hori Hiro

If you love sushi, saki and probably Asahi beer, you'll dig where Marc Pinto is now. Yep, Marc is in Japan! He has some interviews lined up for which we'll post here on the blog when they are available.

Anyhow, Marc found time to get tattooed by acclaimed Japanese artist Hori Hiro. Check out the Hanya tattoo on Marc's head...

Keep checking this blog for more updates...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Torchbearer Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Singapore's tattooed blogger Noel Boyd, recently announced on his blog that he has been selected as a torchbearer for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG). The YOG will take place in Singapore from the 14th to 26th August.

Way a go Noel! Everyone here at Primitive Tattoo wishes you the best and enjoy the experience mate! Visit Noel's blog by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Primitive Tattoo Street Team

We've started a new movement on Facebook called the Primitive Tattoo Street Team. Our Street Team aims on sharing historical facts about Body Art and promoting the industry we love on the world wide web!

Street Team members stand to be rewarded with our apparel & merchandise. If that's ain't good enough, you could even get a free tattoo in Perth or Singapore! All you need to do is to get your friends to join our Street Team and be a part our movement.

300 friends - Exclusive Primitive Tattoo T-shirt
600 friends - Exclusive Primitive Tattoo Hoodie
1000 friends - Free TATTOO *terms and conditions apply
more rewards will be revealed in due time

Tips for getting your friends to join our Street Team:

1) For starters, we need you to share the historical facts we post on our Street Team Facebook page. Copy and paste the 'Fact of the Day' and tag us in your wall post.

2) Suggest our page to your friends by clicking the 'Suggest to Friends' link on the right-hand side of our Street Team page.

3) Click 'LIKE' on the Facebook widget located on our sidebar right here on this blog.

There are more ways to get your friends and family involved in our Street Team. We'll let you experiment and determine for yourselves which would suit you better!

To join the Primitive Tattoo Street Team, click here.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Francesca - NEW INK

Francesca had the opportunity to work on this tattoo of a beautiful seashell. The tattoo was done on the elbow of this nice customer we had over at our studio. We love how it turned out. Look at it and let us know what do you think?
The seashell which Francesca got the inspiration from...

The tattoo...

If you want to get inked by Francesca, call our Perth studio at +61-8-92218585 or drop her an email at

Also, visit her website to view more of her outstanding work!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Custom Bone Liners by Marc Pinto

Attention all tattoo artists! Fancy owning a one of a kind custom bone liner? We present to you bone liners that are handmade by Marc Pinto himself. Check out the sample below...

Should you be interested in purchasing or need more information, drop Marc a message on Facebook by clicking here.

* Marc's handmade bone liners are for sale to tattoo artists only.
* The grateful dead skeleton teddy is not for sale and doesn't come with purchase.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sonata Vampirica by Samuel Peralta

Marc Pinto is on the cover of a poetry book called Sonata Vampirica by Samuel Peralta!

For more information about this book and the author, join their Facebook page by clicking here.

Interview with Marc Pinto by Noel Boyd

A few days ago, Singapore's tattooed blogger Noel Boyd interviewed Marc Pinto on his blog. In this interview, Marc talks about all things tattoos, his love for the business, his plans for the future and much more. To read this interview, head on to Noel's blog by clicking this link:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to pre-order your Merchandise!

To follow up on the Primitive Tattoo merchandise that's being released this week, here's how you can pre-order...

Simply pay by to the pre-order price which is listed here. Do add $9 for posting in Australia. For Singapore orders, do note that it is pick-up only.

In the comment box, do add your contact details, telephone number, address if shipping is required in Australia and don't forget to specify the size and color.

If you need us to send you a bill, drop us an email at and request for one. Thank you!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Getting a Tattoo in Singapore?

If you are visiting Singapore or reside in this sunny and beautiful island, and want to get some body art, you've stumbled on the right place on the world wide web! Marc Pinto's Primitive Tattoo Singapore opened its doors over a year ago and we are conveniently located on the 2nd floor of Far East Plaza. Led by veteran Perth based tattoo artist Marc Pinto, the artists that front our Singapore outlet were carefully selected to form this talented team.

As with our Perth studio, hygiene tops our list of priorities. Customers are guaranteed that all equipment used are sterilized and NEW NEEDLES are used each time. Needles are never re-used and are disposed off immediately after use.

Primitive Tattoo Singapore Team:
Marc Pinto - Credited Piercer, Fine Branding & Tattooer (rotates between Perth and Singapore)
Kiddy - Piercer & Tattooer
Jason Ng - Resident Piercer

Our list of services includes:
Body Piercings
Fine Branding
Machine Tattoos
Traditional Hand Tattoos

Our studio is located at #02-52 Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, Singapore 228213. We are open 7 days a week from 11.00am daily. Do call us at +65-68873990 for appointments and general information. See you real soon!!!

View Marc Pinto's Primitive Tattoo Singapore in a larger map

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brand NEW Primitive Tattoo Merchandise

We have brand new Primitive Tattoo merchandise that will be launched in Perth within the coming week! All early bird orders will receive a special discount! To qualify for this discount, place your order on our Facebook page.

Primitive Tattoo T-Shirt
Early bird price: $40.00
Usual price: $50.00

Primitive Tattoo Hoodie
Early bird price: $80.00
Usual price: $100.00

Primitive Tattoo Hoodie
Early bird price: $80.00
Usual price: $100.00

To place your orders, please head to any of the pages below and leave a comment on our wall.
Primitive Tattoo Perth Facebook Page

Friday, June 4, 2010

Body Piercings

Besides tattoos and branding, both our studios in Perth and Singapore offer professional piercing services. We use the finest body jewelery in the market along with sterile equipment. Hygiene tops our priority list so our clients are assured that the tools and jewelery used are always sterilized.

Here is a video of Jason Ng, our piercer in Singapore, on internet TV show Skin Art...

For more information on our piercing services, do visit our studios or give us a call. Details are below...

Primitive Tattoo Perth
Address: 149 Barrack Street
Perth 6000
Western Australia
t: +61-8-92218585
m: +61-411866227

Marc Pinto's Primitive Tattoo
Address: #02-52 Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road,
Singapore 228213
t: +65-68873990
m: +65-81899990

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Francesca Portfolio Update

Here is another update from our guest artist Francesca. I'm guessing by now, all of you know she's from Italy. She was a hit at the recent Perth Tattoo Carnival and she's working really hard in our studio. Check out some of her recent tattoos below...

A cover-up tattoo recently done....

If you want some personalized ink on you while Francesca is still in town, call our Perth studio at +61-8-92218585 or drop her an email at

Also, visit her website to view more of her outstanding work!