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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Perth's Scott Phillips

In part two of our interview special with our crew, Noel Boyd interviewed Scott Phillips from our Perth studio. Enjoy the interview people!

Noel: Hey Scott! How did you first start tattooing?
Scott: I have always had a passion for Tattoos and tattooing, as both my father and grandfather had very interesting tattoos. I'm also an artist in other mediums as well, a lot of people were asking me to design and draw their tattoos and felt it was just a natural progression for me to be the one tattooing.

Noel: Awesome! So how many years have you been tattooing?
Scott: I've been an artist at Primitive for nearly two years. But it does feel longer than that when you're tattooing almost everyday of the year.

Noel: Two years?? Looking at the tattoos you're doing, I would never have guessed two years! Who did you learn the art and skill of tattooing from?
Scott: My 10 years of experience with engraving gave me a good head start with working with a hand machine. Marc Pinto gave me an opportunity to further my development at Primitive but I've also learnt a lot from the other artists in the shop as well as continuously learning from every tattoo that I do. It's a constant learning process, no Tattoo or client is the same!

Noel: I totally agree that no tattoo or client is the same. But is there a particular style of tattoos you like?
Scott: I really enjoy tattooing custom pieces where the customer comes to me wanting a very unique and original piece of work, with vibrant colours that just pop! I also enjoy Japanese and scripts would definetly be my forte.

Noel: What are your influences when it comes to tattooing?
Scott: A lot of new school artists such as Uncle Alan, Eckel, Lars and Japanese style artists have a strong influence on where I'd like to take my tattooing. Other art mediums such as grafitti art and painting influence my own tattooing style.

Noel: If you had to describe Australia's tattoo scene in one sentence, what would it be?
Scott: As a relative newcomer to the industry, that is a very difficult question to answer but have definitely felt that it is open to new artists and new styles.

Noel: That sounds welcoming for any new artist. Not every culture is like that. Well Scott, before we wrap up this interview, I've got one last question. What's your favourite part of being a tattoo artist?
Scott: The opportunity to have my art to be seen and experienced for generations. That makes me smile everyday!

A sneak peek at Scott's portfolio...

If you have questions for Scott, leave a comment at the end of the post and we'll get him to answer them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Interview with Jason Ng (Resident Piercer Primitive Tattoo Singapore)

Singapore's tattooed personality Noel Boyd interviewed our resident piercer Jason Ng last week for this blog post. Here is the interview...

How many years have you been a piercer?
This year will mark my 6th year as a piercer.

Just a general question, why did you become a piercer and not a tattoo artist?
Well it all started with my interest in body art. I love piercings as much as I love tattoos. But I chose to start with piercings first and now I'm slowly moving into tattooing.

What are the most common piercings your clients get at the studio at Far East Plaza?
The most common requests I get are navel, tongue, eyebow and lips.

What is the most difficult aspect of the job?
Some of my clients will ask for challenging piercings that aren't the easiest to do. I love challenges and it keeps me going! Corset piercings (picture below) are a welcomed challenge anytime!

Well, are there piercings that you won't do?
Nope.. I'll do all kinds of piercings as long as it's safe and within the guidelines of our studio.

If you could advise someone that wants to get a piercing, what would be your most valuable piece of advise?
Get it from a professional! Don't get it done by your friends or at some shoddy joint. It'll be worth every dollar spent!

Lastly, how many piercings have you got and which was the most painful?
At one point, I used to have 17 piercings but I've removed a good number of them. All of my piercings have been bearable so I can't say for sure which has been the most painful. Well, pain is all in the mind isn't it?

Piercings by Jason Ng

Monday, August 16, 2010

Barong Mask Tattoo

Marc Pinto recently did these Balinese mask tattoos on a client's thigh. In Balinese culture, the Barong mask is a symbol of white magic, male energy and goodness. It is the most important deity in Hindu Bali and a common image seen in a variety of artistic creations on this paradise island in Indonesia.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How to look after a new Tattoo.

No matter where you go to get your tattoo done, you will need to take good care of it. Looking after your new tattoo will ensure it heals properly and it minimizes the chance of getting an infection. Here are some steps to take note...

1) If your artist applies a bandage, it is recommended that it stays on for a minimum of two hours. It is important that you do not expose your tattoo to bacteria and dust which can cause either infections or irritable skin. Just in case the bandage sticks to your tattoo, you might want to soak the bandage with warm water just before you remove it.

2) You do not to continue bandaging your tattoo once you remove the initial bandage. You'll need to air your tattoo so that it'll heal.

3) It's important to keep your tattoo clean at all times. If possible, wash with lukewarm water and mild unscented soap. DO NOT use a sponge or wash cloth. Instead, use your hands and gentle wash and rinse your tattoo. When done, PAT DRY your tattoo with a clean towel.

4) Do not use scented lotions. Instead, we recommend you to use antiseptic creams such as SAVLON. Do ask your tattoo artist for the best cream/lotion available in your country. Always apply a thin layer so that your tattoo can breathe.

5) Your tattoo will scab and when it does, do not scratch or pick at it. If it does itch, apply lotion/cream and that should help. If need me, gently pat your tattoo with a clean hand.

6) You are highly advised to avoid swimming in both chlorine and sea water.

7) Avoid direct sunlight until the tattoo is fully healed. Please do not apply sunblock.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tattoos Gone Wrong

We found this Page on Facebook which is pretty interesting. It's a page dedicated to badly done tattoos or rather "Tattoos Gone Wrong"! The creators of the page hope to educate the public about choosing the 'right' artist for your next tattoo rather than choosing an artist because he or she is cheaper than the rest in the market.

Click here to visit the Tattoos Gone Wrong page!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kiddy - Tattoo Artist

Here are some recent tattoos done by our resident artist, Kiddy, at our studio in Far East Plaza Singapore...

To book an appointment with Kiddy, call our studio at 68873990 from Mondays to Sunday.

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