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Monday, February 9, 2015

More sushi and sashimi delights from my last trip

When in Japan, sample the best sushi/sashimi restaurants, believe it or not the rare selection changes from season to season and your guaranteed freshest A grade varieties from top restaurants. Most of all it's cheaper than eating in Japanese restaurants in Europe, US, Australia and Asia, you get more range and A grade varieties too. Believe me! Raw seafood is my life's luxury.

Featured here are from the finest restaurants in Shibuya and Ueno, Japan!

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Standup sushi bar in Shibuya shopping district behind 109mens building. 


This was good but I can't remember now! 
A grade Uni - sea urchin
Left - crab innards and Right - Eel
Horse Mackeral

Business card - Shibuya 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In Japan for sushi and a reunion.

Had a blast in Japan shopping and eating sushi a long with highlights of one of my most memorable day to date with HoriHiro @horihirojapan, Kazumasa @sanrokutattoos , Edgar Hoill and new friends Stone and Shaun! 
Thanks for coming from hundreds of kilometers to meet up! The yearly reunion day is getting more fun each year!
Had a blast with the shellfish, shark heart and fish sperm sashimi, and thanks Edgar Hoill @osokill for all the cigars!

Sampled from the finest sushi reataurants and street stalls in Shibuya, Ueno.

The crew @ueno seafood market!

Kampai with the best saki!!

Edgar Hoill - the cigar man!! @osokill 

How's that for the second bottle of saki!

Shark heart sashimi

Gidadae fish sperm, we felt stronger after this dish, placebo?? Ha!