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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Marc Pinto Gallery - Kenyah Roof Finial

 The Architectural Roof Finial - Kenyah Dayak group, East Kalimantan, Borneo

Through my travels, researching the artisan skills and carvings of the Dayaks from Borneo, this particular group, the Kenyah Dayak, has developed skills that differ to most other dayak groups. The complexity and time taken to create these superb finials which decorate the meeting and communial houses and rice barns are simply breathtaking. Most of my travels were within these areas. The the "flow" of these art objects make it very unique and often it represents Dragon (naga) and Hornbill (kenyalang) motifs.

Enquiries welcome.

Jin Hong from Korea ( Guest Artist )

Jin Hong from Korea also joins our team of fabulous tattoo artists that we are reputed for. Portfolio is on the website or app now. Download the Primitive Tattoo app to view. Appointments are open now!! call 92218585 OR TEXT 0488TATTOO ( 0488 828 866 ) 

Latest line up... Guest Artist

George joins us this weekend as our latest guest artist line up! Check out our website or app for updates on his portfolio shortly...