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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Next destination USA

VNext destination on out world travelling lists. I'm Just touched down in LA and time to have more family fun!!

I could move here in a wink! Just love California lifestyle. 

Here is one the the most inspirational and well kept house we have lived in. The hole of a yogi.  It's not only in a great location in Venice Beach. It's just decked out for personal growth with peace and love feel with very healthy food. This is a highlight my lovely wife Elena found! Even the kids find it inspiring! LA has a lot of fine food too that we will explore!!

The back yard with a fireplace.

Interior of home.

The master bed. Check out the frames 

Cosy love couch 

Hanging frames a very nice touch and skill of the owner

WHO WILL YOU BE? I will quote you a lesson I learnt once to get me to where I am today. "Fake it till you make it" or "Live it till you achieve it" whichever resonates with you :)

Dare to dream and live it up! 

Love :: a daily reminder 

The back of the house

The evening shot of the backyard.

Join me :)


If anyone wants referrals, just connect with me @pintomarc

Whilst in Shibuya after shopping

In shoppers paradise Shibuya! 
My yearly shopping trip. 

And then more gastronomy fine raw sashimi food. 

The worlds busiest crossing - Shibuya 

 Shark Cartledge with pickled plum

Rare meat sashimi

Broiled ray fillet 

Raw shingles chicken sashimi with topped onions.

Fish fries

Firelfly cuttlefish pickled in soy sauce

Raw horse meat with raw eggy oak, sesame, onions and cucumber.  The best ever!!

Raw horse sashimi

All at Hana No Mai - Shibuya

Fine food Japan is to die for!

I love Gastronomy in Japan is at a super high level preparation and skill it involves. The experience in raw sashimi food and delicacies is unmatched anywhere else. 
This restaurant is well deserved of Michelin stars for food quality. 

I for one will try anything once! 
If it was readily available.
I respect vegans and their way of life too. 

I just love food too much. 

Travelled to Yokohama just to eat at this restaurant. The chef and I connected after the first few visits and we have a nice friendship going on that I do not ever need to order from the menu again.

 The Master sashimi chef

The restaurant.

The food here is the freshest and all "A" grade. 

Mackerel, flatfish, yellow fin tuna,live prawn.

A whole shell just for me with sake and the remaining prawn shell and head grilled and salted. All crunchy!!

This is what A grade Uni (sea urchin) roe looks like. Note the Color and texture. It's not funny like mustard when kept for a few days. 

Seared baby squid?? I forgot...

More merely with topped with spring onion and on the right ice fish.

Would you believe all these dishes and 3 225ml bottles of sake and a beer to wash it all down only costs $90 AUD? If you could get this quality elsewhere in the world it would costs you triple the price easily. 

Japan 2016

It's always memorable for me when I visit my favourite country Japan.
For those who never visited Japan, the life here is so regimented with high regard to etiquette and respect.
People are super friendly and food is world class.
Did I mention that Japan has the most Michelin star restaurants in the world!

I come here often with my family to reflect, be inspired for new innovative ideas, personal growth, shopping, food and most importantly to meet my close friends and mentor.

Japan never fails to teach me new ways and I'm a sponge when it comes to inspirations.

That have a quality and pride greater than most could imagine and failure is often not an option and quality and reputation is always priority.

I feel at home here.
So here is some images from this trip!

This was in Yokohama park. The Autumn maple!  For me this is simplistic beauty and peace, a gentle reminder that life is as beautiful and we need to seize the moment before its flies away, the time to act on your thoughts and good intentions is NOW!  Like the falling of maple leaves it too will pass and be the past if it's not acted upon. 

In the fast pace life I live being a passionalholic (workaholic for most)I have seldom made time to take a breath as in meditate or to make habitual moments for uninterrupted time to reflect daily. 

My new goal for 2016!!

Simplistic beauty :: nature 

Going on the bullet train (Shinkansen) to Utsonomiya 

Travelling distances with my family to meet my close friends I consider family, internationally to spend a day with them and to share a meal and pick up on where we left off. 
It's been more than a decade now and I'm so honoured to see all our kids grow up. 
Amu use to teach me Japanese and I teach him English whenever I was tattooing in Japan yeas ago. He is a handsome young man now. 

The Family, HoriHiro, Shizuka and Amu  in Utsonomiya.

Below the family reunion dinner meals 

Pork Katsu 

The amazing deserts

Handpoke Tattoo by Rem

We have long pioneered Traditional Tattooing in Perth and Australia and now Primitive Tattoo now also features handpoke tattoos by Jeremy (Rem)

If you like a unique tattoo by Rem please contact the front desk on 08 92218585 or email