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Saturday, May 31, 2014

New Acquisitions for June just posted

New Acquisitions for June just posted  online.

8 Pieces or Oceanic, Aboriginal, Indonesian and Pacific Tribal art listed including :-

Silver Timorese Mask, A Brass Dayak Hat Ornament, A Boiken Mask, A Goabari 
Papuan Gulf Paddle Fragment, A Vanuatu Chubwan Mask, An Aboriginal NSW Narrow Shield and an Aboriginal Warburton Spear Thrower - Woomera.

Please view the rest online. thanks have a great day!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

My 1st summit!

In a quest to spend time with my father, one I never did till now cause of the rat race life I have to succeed in my passions of tattooing and tribal art. 

Well yesterday was the first small achievement, its summit of many to come! Bluff knoll is only 1095 meters, highest in west Australia. Fun hike!
I dedicated this hike to my late Grandmaster Arjan Tong who just passed 8 days ago.

The next is my grandfathers homeland ok  Sabah, mt Kinabalu is 4 times higher. So I'd better start preparing....

Just starting...

Past midway..
 And at the summit!

Sunset at the bluff knoll.
On that note. We met this Canadian lady that ran up 5 times that same day! 

I strongly believe we have the best and most diverse state in Australia!  Beauty is everywhere in this state but at a distance!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My lesson today

My lesson in thought today I'd like to share.

That its great to travel far distances for people you dearly respect.

Family, close ones and mentors are always priority. 

Bottle up great moments while traveling and why not "TREAT" (both meanings) yourself (and family) well whilst traveling.....always! 

Memories last forever!! 

"Carpe Diem", people get this tattoo often as a mark to remind them, but some fail to make this a good HABIT. So live life everyday like its your last. Be thankful for each new day!

I am so thankful today, with the help of a few unknown locals and me not even being able to communicate well, they, as a tight community in Talat Phlu,managed to get me on scooter to Arjan Tong's residence to personal express my condolences to his widow and family. Even not meeting me before and again not being able to communicate to her, she have me a warm hug. 

My Lesson today... There are no barriers in language differences for one to understand another and to "connect". I thank the family for this experience. 

Peace you all!! Stay true to yourselves.....because your worth it!!

Later peeps! I'm of to the wake for my final respects to Grandmaster Arjan Tong before my flight home tonight.

At the W hotel Bangkok for a nite!

Trying out W hotel in Bangkok this trip on my usual quest to enjoy the fruits of my hard work.

Just love having little time away to think and strategize my new plans to move forward.

Let me tell you, This hotel chain is super spectacular. They have it all sorted with class and style! Pure luxury with great food, service and comfort. Its eye candy everywhere you turn and they even have their own international crew of DJ's

Highly recommended!!!! Treat yourself..

Pity I only have a night here and back to Perth!

Will let the pics speak for itself.


Grandmaster Arjan Tong has passed away

Just found out the other day the our Grandmaster of Sak Yant Arjan Tong sadly passed away. Feeling Gutted!!  

Since 2009 I have been visiting him on a regular basis to have most of my spiritual tattoos done. Although I'm not fluent in Thai and with my lack of ability to communicate fluently during my visits to see Arjan Tong in Singapore at FGH. 
His grace, smile and peace with reassurance was communication enough for me. I have so many great memories of the moments with Arjan Tong for giving me his powerful Sak Yant's and blessings. 

I am finally here in Bangkok to pay my last personal respect to our late Grandmaster. We will miss him dearly. 

Our warmest thoughts go out to his immediately family and widow.
It was nice to meet her in person too this morning. 

For the other brothers that could not make it, Jeff Court and Guy. I lit the joss and said a prayer on your behalf today. 

( sak yant is also commonly known as magical tattoo's )
Photo from Sak Yant and Jack Layman on Facebook And FGH ( Singapore) 

We will sadly miss you Arjan Tong. 

Thank You for all those moments and blessings. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Great Iban Leader - Penghulu Legan

While browsing through Downunder tattoo art issue #37, I came across this image. This amazing man is Penghulu Legan, the main man in charge of various longhouse chiefs in Skrang River , Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo. The Iban in this river also participated in head hunting raids in WW2. Almost all the older men had the full body Iban tattoos, rarely seen in Borneo now. Iban tattoos is one of the most common of tribal tattoos in the last 2 decades, commonly known as "bunga terong" the eggplant flower design rosettes are seen tattooed all around the world on both front of shoulders. It is through him, Penghulu Legan, that I had been given authority to use traditional Iban hand tapping tattoo method known as "Pantang Iban" and Iban traditional designs in '97. He is one of my earlier mentors and through him I officially started my traditional hand tattooing career before using machines. My roots will always be in traditional tattooing art. More images can be seen in the travel tab of 


Penghulu Legan ,you will always be in my mind and with deepest respect.

Figurative Massim Spatula

Figurative Massim lime spatula. 

Rare type, Circa 1940. 

Ex Greg Hamson collection number 0708-51

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